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Helping Veterinarians Plan Their Financial Future 

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Student Loan Webinars

Student Loan Webinars

Ever Gonzalez is holding 3 one-on-one 20
minute weekly webinars where he will discuss
the types of student loans that exist, the
different payment plans and choosing the best
one for you. With the upcoming startup of
student loan payments, we highly recommend you sign
up for one. Please click on this link to access my calendar and
select a time and date convenient for you.

Dealing with Student Loan Debt

Dealing with Student Loan Debt

The world of student loans is rapidly changing.
Find out what you should be thinking
about as the startup of student loan payments

<strong>Check out our Business Facebook Page!</strong>

Check out our Business Facebook Page!

Our Business Facebook page features helpful financial information, including top-quality videos, articles, and other financial preparedness tools that you’ll find useful.

Evaristo "Ever" Gonzalez, CLU®,CFP®, RICP®, WMCP®

"Veterinarians are caring and thoughtful and spend many years in school with the sole intent to help animals. For the last 16 years, I have been assisting this wonderful community deal with the things that enter a Veterinarian's life after school is over and Practice begins (Student loans, Work benefits, Saving, etc.). My mission is to help Veterinarians’ lives be better after having met us."

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