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Dealing with Student Loan Debt

The most common question I get asked is what is the best way for me to tackle my student loan debt while also living a great life while also preparing for the future.

You can search the internet for that answer and you are going to get a lot of different advice: pay them all off, rely on forgiveness programs, etc.

The problem with internet advice is that it MAY NOT be good advice for you and your UNIQUE financial situation.

How to approach student loans is based on many factors which include among others:

  • Amount of student loan debt
  • Amount of other debt
  • Private vs public loans
  • Your salary
  • Your tax filing status
  • Do you plan on taking advantage of any of the available forgiveness programs
  • Your credit history
  • The interest rate on your loans
  • Your monthly expenses

There is no simple “one size fits all strategy”.

As you saw in the ABOUT section of this site, we work with Veterinarians and understand your unique profession. We will gladly help answer any of your questions around your Student Loans.

Please reach out to us by either emailing us or entering your info on the “Shoot us a question” section and we will help answer your question. No sales pitch, no hassle.

Shoot us a question, what can we help answer for you?

Thank you!