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Forgiveness Programs

There are several forgiveness programs out there to choose from.

It is really critical to understand how they work and if they apply to you.

Some of the forgiveness programs create tax liabilities and it is crucial to understand how to prepare for the tax liability.

It is also, very important, to have a backup plan in case, down the line, you change your mind on choosing the forgiveness programs or if the programs change.

As you saw in the ABOUT section of this site, we work with Veterinarians and understand your unique profession and the unique funding required to become a Veterinarian. We will gladly help answer any of your questions around tax forgiveness.

Please reach out to us by either emailing us or entering your info on the “Shoot us a question” section and we will help answer your questions. No sales pitch, no hassle.

Shoot us a question, what can we help answer for you?

Thank you!